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Dwc Pot by Neptune Hydroponics is a simple and silent bubbler suitable for mother plants and plants in the flowering phase that will allow you to obtain amazing results. For a correct use of this hydroponic system, it is recommended that the air pump is in constant operation and that the height of the water is sufficient for the bubbling to moisten the root mass, reducing the height of the water as the roots grow towards the bottom. The system will give the best results if the majority of the roots remain not fully submerged but moistened by splashing from the bubbles. Content of Dwc Pot: x1 - 25 L bucket + perforated cover x1 - Neptune Pump 1 outlet x1 - Non-toxic Silicone tube 1,25 m x1 - 90º Elbow x1 - Level tube x1 - Hermetic seal x1 - Flexible Air Diffuser Tube x1 - Grid Pot 22,5 cm Ø

DWC POT 25 L Neptune Hydroponics + LID

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