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HHC, or hexahydrocannabinoid, was discovered back in 1944 by American chemist Roger Adams when he added a hydrogen molecule to delta-9 THC during the hydrogenation process. This substance was, however, until now illegal as it would have been made from THC. However, HHC was found to be one of the many naturally occurring cannabinoids in the cannabis plant and in 2020, the de Las Heras group analysed a lipid extract from Cannabis sativa seeds and discovered 43 cannabinoids in it, one of which was HHC.


  • New to the market
  • Extremely potent
  • Lemon
  • HHC 95% + terpenes

The product complies with Act No. 167/1998 §5. Designed for industrial, technical and horticultural purposes. Not for direct consumption or smoking. No sale to under 18s. Keep out of reach of children.

On sale (at the shop / via transport service / via other dispensing point) the seller will verify that the buyer is under 18 years of age.

HHC Extract DAB, 95% HHC, 1g

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