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The Smono 4 Pro is an improved and upgraded version of the Smono 4 vaporizer. The Smono 4 Pro vaporizer is characterized by its high quality and resistance to external influences. For starters, it has a 35% more powerful battery capacity that allows for longer vaping. Its design is also smaller - 10.1 x 5.2 x 2.6 cm, making it more portable and easier to use. The Smono 4 Pro was also designed in Germany and features high-quality components including a glass and metal mouthpiece along with a ceramic chamber. This chamber holds approximately 0.3 grams of dry herbal material. Finally, the device automatically shuts off after 4 minutes of non-use as a safety precaution and to preserve battery life.


Air flow 

Due to the design of the air channel, you have the ability to control the amount of steam produced with each puff. This technology also produces cooler steam and lower air resistance. Essentially, this means you can choose whether you want a light or thick steam and whether you want a very flavorful steam due to the cooler temperatures in the air channel.


Full temperature control

The Smono 4 Pro vaporizer gives you the freedom to customize each of your vaping sessions by choosing the temperature you want - exactly to your liking. However, there is a range so you can choose any number between 160°C and 221°C. There is a digital display on the top of the device where you can see the preset temperature. The device also vibrates when it reaches the desired temperature, as it is equipped with haptic feedback.


Durable battery

Inside this vaporizer is a powerful 3,000 mAh battery. Thanks to its enormous power, it can reach your set temperature in about 20 seconds. Moreover, it is capable of reaching very high temperatures due to its power. There is a battery charge indicator on the device that informs you of the need to recharge, which you can do with the included USB charger. Finally, a 4-minute auto shut-off feature preserves battery life.

What is included?

  • 1x Smono 4 Pro vaporizer
  • 2x mouthpiece filters
  • 1x USB charging cable
  • 1x Airpath brush
  • 1x chamber brush
  • 1x charging tool
  • 2x instruction manual (in English and German)


In accordance with Section 6 of Act No. 65/2017 Sb., when selling smoking aids and electronic cigarettes online, the Seller is obliged to verify that the Buyer is over 18 years of age.

Buyers please note: Vaporizers are goods within the meaning of Section 1837 (g) of Act No. 89/2012 Sb., the Civil Code ("sealed goods which were unsealed by the consumer after delivery and which are not suitable for return due to hygiene reasons”) and, therefore, the Buyer may not withdraw from the purchase contract for their supply.

Smono 4 Pro Vaporizer - Black

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